Have a Wizardly Stay at Orlando Hotels

Harry Potter has taken the world by storm. With the recent release of the penultimate film, Harry Potter craze is in full force. If you’re a true fan and want to experience J.K. Rowling’s magical world for yourself, head straight to Orlando, Florida. The Wizardly World of Harry Potter takes the art of park storytelling to a whole new level. Holidaymakers will enjoy immersing themselves in the amazing collection of attractions, rides, shops and restaurants but the park also features several other exciting rides and attractions worth checking out. Plus there are plenty of Orlando hotels to crash at after a long day of wizardly proportions.

Once you enter the Hogsmeade’s Gates be prepared for the environment to transform around you. From the simple details such as the walkways and shop window to the rather impressive Hogwarts Castle, it’s truly out of this world! If you’re hungry you can stop for a bite to eat at Three Broomsticks restaurant. It serves tradition English cuisine such as Cornish pasties and fish and chips. Afterwards you can head next door to the Hog’s Head Pub for refreshments. Guests who are not-of-age can enjoy a delicious (non-alcoholic) butterbeer while adults can sip on alcoholic beverages. While you’re there be sure to check out the pub’s namesake – a hog’s head on the wall which snorts!

Whilst you’re waiting for your food to settle, check out one of the three shows. The Frog Choir consists of a chorus of “Hogwarts students” accompanied by large croaking friends of the amphibian type. If you want to see if you have what it’s got to be a wizard, step into Ollivander’s Wand Shop, where you can try out wands and see if the magic happens.

Once you’ve truly immersed yourself in Harry’s world you’re ready for the fantastic rides. Start off with Dragon Challenge, a duelling, inverted roller coaster. Choose between the Chinese Fireball or the Hungarian Horntail, then hold on! The two distinctly different coasters loop, twist and nearly collide on your harrowing journey. Younger visitors may find the Flight of the Hippogriff less traumatic. This family-friendly coaster spirals and dips around sights such as a pumpkin patch and Hagrid’s Hut. However the main attraction can be found inside Hogwarts Castle. Dumbledore welcomes you to class but visitors are persuaded to bow out by Harry, Ron and Hermione and head to a Quidditch match instead. You’ll then board magical benches which will take you on an exciting journey complete with dragons, spiders and even the Whomping Willow. If you’re not up for the thrill, you can still tour Hogwarts, which is an attraction in itself.